when your obsessive special interest suddenly changes and your blog followers are like wtf this isn’t what i signed up for

I don’t know the full details of how iCloud works, as I do not use Apple products (personal UI preference). I do not know how automatic and in control what is uploaded and isn’t is, as I am aware on Android one misclick and suddenly your images automatically upload to a Google drive space.

I don’t blame the women whose pictures have leaked for the event, because their privacy was violated in a massive way. 

Cloud systems have been attacked a lot by various members of the online and ‘hacker’ communities because your data and information is secured somewhere outside your personal device. This opens it up to a level of risk that will always be possible, given the nature of security within these systems. It would be nice if this weren’t the case, but people have greater reasons to try and break the security than nude pictures, but those things come with it.

Also, you’re giving access to these images to a large datacentre/hub/system which is never wise. 

The leaks were beyond shitty behaviour, but be vigilant and careful about what you put on Cloud servers.


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